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Your Questions About Chiropractic Answered

Have you heard that chiropractic is good for you as it can provide relief for your bothersome back, neck, and leg pain (in addition to other conditions), but you’re still apprehensive about having your spine manipulated? Does the idea of someone cranking on your neck and putting your body in what seems to be unnatural and uncomfortable positions bother you? If so, let me ease your chiropractic anxiety by sharing three small, yet significant, facts with you.

1. Is chiropractic safe? First, chiropractic care, like what we offer at our busy Arlington chiropractic office, has been around for centuries. Dating back to B.C. times, individuals were having their spines manipulated to help relieve their aches and pains and gain better health. A number of studies have verified the safety of chiropractic care, especially in comparison to riskier surgical procedures or pharmaceuticals. Chiropractors can also provide safe and effective treatment for children, older adults, and pregnant women.

In most recent years, several studies have found that expert chiropractic care is a recommended non-invasive medical treatment option that is often less costly and provides greater results than other types of medical care. In addition, Dr. Ernst attended Life Chiropractic College–West in the San Francisco Bay Area, studying areas such as OB/GYN and gastrointestinal health, which allows him to have a thorough understanding of the human body – as well as how to treat the things that ail it.

2. Can chiropractic affect stress? Second, engaging in regular chiropractic visits can actually help to relieve tension. For instance, when your neck is stiff and unable to move freely due to the tight muscles created by your tension, a trip to your Arlington chiropractor may be all you need to be able to look from side to side without wincing in pain.

Plus chiropractic is a natural stress reliever: A 2011 study from Japan  showed that chiropractic adjustments actually decrease the stress hormone known as cortisole. Researchers also monitored brain activity using PET scans and found that spinal manipulation activated the part of brain responsible for controlling stress.

3. What is that "pop" sound?  The cracking sound heard during a chiropractic adjustment is a natural release of gas, similar to when you crack your knuckles. It is completely painless, and harmless. That being said, if  your injury requires a more gentle approach or if you prefer not hear the pop, Dr. Ernst can use instrument-assisted adjustments to help realign the spine.

It’s only natural to be worried or concerned about something that you’ve never done before, but let me assure you that you’re in good hands at Ernst Chiropractic Clinic. Call today and let us ease your worries – and your pain!


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July 16, 2014
dr ernst
Dr. Ernst

Arlington Chiropractor, Dr. Loren Ernst explains, “Chiropractic care, combined with sound nutritional choices and adequate exercise can have a profound effect on patients’ lives. Our mission is to help our patients understand how a healthy nervous system can improve their quality of life and give them their lives back.”