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Arlington Back Pain Chiropractor

Arlington Back Pain ChiropractorWhen you have pain in your upper or lower back, life isn’t as enjoyable as it could be. You avoid once pleasurable activities such as playing sports or engaging in a game of tag with your children in the yard, and you spend too much time just sitting around, which can make your back pain even worse. What are you to do?

Pinpointing the Cause

The first action that needs to be taken is to pinpoint the cause of your pain. Did a disc herniate or bulge, leaving you writhing in agony, or has a vertebrae slipped out of place, giving you discomfort whether you’re sitting, standing, lying down, or walking?

Sometimes you know exactly what you did to create the back pain you feel today. Maybe you felt a twinge when you picked up something heavy or perhaps you felt a bolt of intense, jaw-dropping pain when you twisted a certain way. This type of information will help your Arlington chiropractor, Dr. Ernst, know exactly what to look for when he is checking the vertebrae and discs that make up your spinal column.

However, back pain can also come on gradually over time, such as when discs degenerate or when an old injury wasn’t properly treated when it occurred. These types of situations can be very problematic, but can often be found rather easily with tests that can be conducted right in our busy, client-focused chiropractic office.

The Chiropractic Remedy in Arlington

Once the type and extent of your pain-causing injury been established, it is time to rectify the problem. Take meds to deal with your back pain and you’re just masking the pain, not treating it, whereas chiropractic care is a solution to the true underlying problem and not just a way to deal with the symptoms.

Dr. Ernst has perfected his chiropractic techniques in a way that will not only lessen the back pain you feel, but potentially get rid of it completely. In addition to chiropractic, he also offers massage therapy, on site radiology, and rehabilitation and exercise programs to help you obtain whole body health.

If you have back pain, give chiropractic a try. Call Ernst Chiropractic Clinic today in Arlington, WA and you can begin recovery tomorrow!