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Weight Training Can Improve Memory

More and more research is being published each year that shows that physical exercise is beneficial for more than our physical health. Studies show that staying active also helps us psychologically and intellectually.

In a study printed in Acta Psychologica, researchers set out to find what effect, if any, strength training workouts have on a person's short term memory. So, they invited a group of participants to look at photos (some positive, some neutral, and some negative) before doing just one particular exercise—a one-leg knee extension/flexion resistance training movement.

Two days after that, they instructed each person to take a look at another group of images to see which ones they could recollect seeing previously. They also analyzed the individual's physiological reaction to the activity by looking at some specific hormones, their heart rate, and blood pressure.

Experts discovered that the subjects who performed the knee extension/flexion routine "had higher overall recognition accuracy than the group that did not exercise," and that was after only a single session. Imagine how great your memory could be if you practiced resistance or strength training as part of a routine!

If you've never tried resistance training, then you would probably benefit from hiring a personal trainer to design a workout for your particular fitness level and goals. Maintaining proper form and carrying out the exercises properly is essential to getting in shape without injuring yourself, and a trainer can teach you how to make that happen.

Ultimately, you want to make certain you perform the movements in a slow and regulated manner. Additionally, don't work on the same muscle group 2 days in a row as it needs a day or two to heal after a good workout.

Aerobic exercise has also been related to better memory recollection, so following a well-balanced workout routine is as significant to your mental health as it is to your physical conditioning. Incorporate both along with regular chiropractic appointments, in your life and you'll be in good shape inside and out.

If you are ready to optimize your health, come to our Arlington, WA office or contact us at (360) 659-8464.

Weinberg L, Hasni A, Shinohara M, Duarte A. A single bout of resistance exercise can enhance episodic memory performance. Acta Psychologica 2014;153:13-9.

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June 08, 2015
dr ernst
Dr. Ernst

Arlington Chiropractor, Dr. Loren Ernst explains, “Chiropractic care, combined with sound nutritional choices and adequate exercise can have a profound effect on patients’ lives. Our mission is to help our patients understand how a healthy nervous system can improve their quality of life and give them their lives back.”