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What to Do If You Stumble Upon a Car Accident

Have you ever been out running errands or driving to or from work and stumbled upon a car accident and not known how to help? Sometimes it is scary to step in when you aren’t a trained medical professional, but there are still things you can do that can help someone who has been injured in a car crash. Here are just a few of them as provided by Dr. Ernst, your trusted Arlington chiropractor:

#1: Call 911 and Stay Calm

The first thing you want to do is get help on the way, so you’re going to want to call 911 to ensure that EMS are en route. It is also important to keep yourself and the injured person calm so that they neither of you go into shock. Take a couple deep breaths and use a slow, soothing voice.

#2: Don’t Move the Victim

If at all possible, keep the victim right where they are so you don’t risk further damage. For instance, one small move to a patient with a spinal injury and paralysis can result. So, encourage them to remain still until emergency response arrives.

#3: Encourage Them to See Their Arlington Chiropractor

Most people are unaware that they should see a chiropractor after a car accident just to make sure their vertebrae and discs are okay. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to make this recommendation to ensure that they don’t deal with needless pain and suffering down the road.

Car accidents can be stressful, but just follow these three steps and you’ll do fine. This Arlington chiropractor believes in you!

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September 23, 2014
dr ernst
Dr. Ernst

Arlington Chiropractor, Dr. Loren Ernst explains, “Chiropractic care, combined with sound nutritional choices and adequate exercise can have a profound effect on patients’ lives. Our mission is to help our patients understand how a healthy nervous system can improve their quality of life and give them their lives back.”